Monday, 25 May 2009

New Site Launched and Email Problems

Hi Folks,

It's not often I launch a whole new web site but I've done it this month.

A long time ago, so long in fact that a lot of you were still at school then, I was actively involved in local politics. During that time I took part in a lot of elections at every level. Now I've decided to put the knowledge I picked up online at .

I hope the knowledge will help independents fight their campaigns more professionally.

Email Problems : For some reason there was a problem with my email over the weekend and I picked up no messages for about 36 hours. If you have sent me an email and I haven't responded please send it again as it seems to working now.


Tuesday, 5 May 2009

We're Now on FaceBook

When I first set up Global Affiliate Programs one of the things I promised myself was that no visitors would ever get spammed by the site. I even put this pledge straight into the Privacy Policy. Sure, I wanted to know how many visitors the site had and where they came from and what pages or entries in the directory they found most useful and I was able to work out most of that from the page impressions and program click stats.

One of the things that this meant was the site lacked any meaningful form of feedback. Oh, I put my email address on the site and I asked people to let me know if they had problems with any of the programs; a few even did that, but still I felt that there was a distinct lack of communication between myself and the affiliates using the site.

Now all that can be solved as I've launched the Global Affiliate Programs FaceBook Group. OK, I'm only a couple of years late with this but I've been a bit busy trying to build an online business and updating a directory with thousands of entries by hand takes some time.

The aim of the Group is to give affiliates a forum where they can discuss their experiences of the programs in the directory, suggest new programs, discuss methods of promotion and just about anything else they want to discuss. Hopefully we can get Program Managers involved as well. I've invited a few already.

So if you're on FaceBook, and let's face it everyone seems to be these days join the group and make it your own. It's brand new, so still small in terms of members and I haven't even posted the first discussion thread yet, but maybe you can do that.