Thursday, 15 December 2011

Christmas Gifts with a Difference

Fancy giving the kids something different this Christmas, maybe your just fed up with action figures that are outdated by January or DVDs they only watch once.

Well have a look at what have to offer.

Available from the age of 10 years – 17 years. Your experience starts with a full driver briefing. Techniques of the entry level drifting will be explained before you get into the car, such as E-Brake, Choku - Dori and Feint Drift. Then you will take to the track in our RST training car, learning the clutch control, steering and braking. Once you are comfortable with basic car controls, you will be ready to hit. Price £110.00

Honda Racing Experience - Weekdays Only
Your experience begins with a safety briefing and an introduction to the boat. You then get changed into racing team kit and safety gear. Then it’s onto the water. Our boats have comfortable secure seating and the experience is suitable for all adventure seekers. Price £49.00

A taste of what it's like to be your very own bus driver! Lots of room for your spectators, so get on board and no monkeying around on this bus please! Ring the bell too often and the driver will throw you off. A tremendous experience for those who just love driving the big stuff. Price £99.00

This half day course offers a comprehensive introduction to driving for those under 17 who want to get some experience behind the wheel. Price £95.00

We'll set you a real task, perhaps building a new 4x4 hazard, levelling a road for example, and see how you fare as a digger driver - not quite as easy as it looks! Surprising fun for all ages, and very rewarding too. You may also be driving a tractor and dump trailer too. Even when you’re not driving it’s good fun sharing with others. Price £99.00

A chance for the younger driver to get some experience behind the wheel , learn not just how to drive a vehicle but look ahead and learn to see and react to what is happening. Off- roading is great fun and this activity gives the junior driver the opportunity to experience some off-roading adventures as well as learn about vehicle control! What better way to learn some control than offroad! Price £99.00

Be the real Fireman Sam at the wheel of a 13 Ton Dennis or Scania 82 Fire Appliance? With blue lights blazing on the way to put out the fire! You can work the hoses too. Price £99.00

This great half day session gives you the opportunity to drive Honda Pilots, Quad Bikes AND Mini Racing, plus try your hand at clay pigeon shooting.The session starts with refreshments and an initial briefing about what your session entails. The instructors will then take the time to talk you through the activities and equipment before letting you loose to try them yourselves! Price £119.00

Also, if you use the Voucher Code AGIFTS7 when you book your experience you can get 7% off any Gift Experience. This offers expires on 31-12-2011.

Monday, 5 December 2011

Payday Express Christmas Promotion

Get cash now!

What is the one thing everyone will need but no one has this Christmas? Well if the recession, or depression or low growth, or what they're calling it this week hasn't passed you by, and if it has please let me know how you managed it, the answer is MONEY. Even people who haven't yet lost their jobs won't be paid before Christmas.

Into this situation steps Payday Express who really want to make a big push over Christmas.

For the month of December only Payday Express will be offering affiliates a bonus scheme based on the following approved loans criteria:

Lead Criteria Bonus
15 - 25 approved loans £190
26 - 50 approved loans £330
51 - 80 approved loans £660
81 - 120 approved loans £1,000
121+ approved loans £1,500

Also, they will be making a range of Christmas creative available on the Commission Junction network, so feel free to use these in any of your promotional activity.