Monday, 8 November 2010

UK2 Christmas Affiliate Prize Draw - Every sale creates a chance to win!

The more you sell with UK2 in November, December and January, the more chance you have of winning one of our fantastic prizes. Every time you make a sale you will be given an entry into our Christmas affiliate prize draw. Not only that, but our own customer Christmas competition will incentivise your traffic even more once they reach our website. So tell your visitors what they can win on our web site and win big yourself when they buy from us. (you can see full details of the customer competition here - total prize fund is over £5k)

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Sunday, 24 October 2010

Removal of Support for Programs of the Big Business Society 35

This week 35 Chief Executives and Chairman of some the laergest companies in the UK issued a statement in the form of a letter to the Daily Telegraph supporting the British Government's plans to institute widespread cuts in public services and state benefits.

See for details.

Given that such cuts will hurt their customers and ultimately their shareholders I have to assume that the motivations behind this action are party political rather than business-focussed and can no longer support the businesses of these individuals.

It is hard to see how business can continue to grow and develop when customers have no money to purchase goods and services.

The signatories to the letter are listed below and a number of their businesses, such as Mothercare and Carphone Warehouse run affiliate programs which have been supported by Global Affiliate Programs for many years. I have not yet identified all the brands of these companies; those I have identified will be removed over the next few days and others will be removed as their ownership becomes apparent.

Will Adderley, CEO, Dunelm Group
Robert Bensoussan, Chairman, L.K. Bennett
Andy Bond, Chairman, Asda
Ian Cheshire, Chief Executive, Kingfisher
Gerald Corbett, Chairman, SSL International,, Britvic
Peter Cullum, Executive Chairman, Towergate
Tej Dhillon, Chairman and CEO, Dhillon Group
Philip Dilley, Chairman, Arup
Charles Dunstone, Chairman, Carphone Warehouse Group, TalkTalk Telecom Group
Warren East, CEO, ARM Holdings
Gordon Frazer, Managing Director, Microsoft UK
Sir Christopher Gent, Non-Executive Chairman, GlaxoSmithKline
Ben Gordon, Chief Executive, Mothercare
Anthony Habgood, Chairman, Whitbread, Chairman, Reed Elsevier
Aidan Heavey, Chief Executive, Tullow Oil
Neil Johnson, Chairman, UMECO
Nick Leslau, Chairman, Prestbury Group
Ian Livingston, CEO, BT Group
Ruby McGregor-Smith, CEO, MITIE Group
Rick Medlock, CFO, Inmarsat; Non-Executive Director, The Betting Group
John Nelson, Chairman, Hammerson
Stefano Pessina, Executive Chairman, Alliance Boots
Nick Prest, Chairman, AVEVA
Nick Robertson, CEO, ASOS
Sir Stuart Rose, Chairman, Marks & Spencer
Tim Steiner, CEO, Ocado
Andrew Sukawaty, Chairman and CEO, Inmarsat
Michael Turner, Executive Chairman, Fuller, Smith and Turner
Moni Varma, Chairman, Veetee
Paul Walker, Chief Executive, Sage
Paul Walsh, Chief Executive, Diageo
Robert Walters, CEO, Robert Walters
Joseph Wan, Chief Executive, Harvey Nichols
Bob Wigley, Chairman, Expansys, Stonehaven Associates, Yell Group
Simon Wolfson, Chief Executive, Next

The action of the 35 super-rich business people has also been criticised by the Federation of Small Businesses, who are clearly more in touch with their customers than the super-rich are. See this report.

The spending cuts supported by these people have been attacked by senior economists.

David Blanchflower, a former member of the Bank of England's Monetary Policy Committee, said of the letter: "It's a terrible, terrible mistake. The sensible thing to do is to spread [the cuts] over a long time. Clearly you have to deal with the deficit, but there is no economics that says you have to deal with it in a week or a month."

Big business seems to think it can dictate public policy to the rest of us. It has to be told it cannot.

Friday, 22 October 2010

15% off £50 this Weekend @ Homebase

This weekend, Homebase are offering 15% off £50 running from Friday 22nd to Monday 25th October online. This offer is available in store only from Friday 22nd - Saturday 23rd October so therefore will be exclusively online for 2 extra days.

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That's not all, there's a further 15% off DIY products from 21st October to 1st November

This offer can be used in conjunction with the 15% off £50 weekend, so an amazing opportunity for customers looking to complete those DIY projects before Christmas.

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We hope you have another fantastic week making sales.

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Christmas Tree Ornaments

Our 1st Christmas Tree ornaments Are Not Just Meant For New Couples.

Sometimes any time people think of our 1st Christmas ornaments you generally think of two people who just got married. The thing is that you actually have a ton of various 1st Xmases and every one of these Christmases can come to be a new memory and give you yet another good reason to purchase another customized 1st Christmas tree ornament from Executive Gift Shoppe.

People have got quite a few first Christmases. You may have the 1st one with your significant other, the first one when you get engaged, if you are in a new relationship or have a lengthy engagement time. You have the first Christmas with a new baby or a brand new family pet like a dog or kitten and a lot of other special occasions that call for a brand new customized 1st Xmas tree ornament. Here are some examples of occasions and how you can customize these first Christmas tree ornaments from Executive Gift Shoppe.

You just been married, like I did this year and are now about to celebrate your very first Xmas together with each other. Ordering a personalized Xmas tree ornament is the ideal memory maker because every year when you unpack your containers loaded full of tree ornaments you will be able to relive your very 1st Xmas with each other as a married couple. You have several ways to personalize these ornaments by combining your names together to symbolize the marriage between you and your new husband or wife or just have both of your names on the ornament with your wedding date.

1st Christmas as a family

One of the things that you always want to remember and may want to have for your children when they grow up is an tree ornament that is from their 1st Xmas. What I enjoy doing with these customized 1st Xmas tree ornaments is to have the babies entire name where you place the 1st and last name on the top and your kids birthdate in the lower section or the other way around. I do not like the blue or pink snowflake ornaments or other similar tacky ornaments because I have a preference for a classic look and style like the types you’ll find at by clicking here. They are timeless shapes and looks are perfect for boys or girls.

1st Xmas Tree ornament for Roommates or Best Buddies.

It probably may sound cheesy, but for those of us who have had best buddies or roommates in college or from high school that we got a long with and spent time with, you probably celebrated holidays with them. The romantic ornaments and ornaments intended for couples usually do not work for these people which is why I love the style 2 ornament as it is excellent for best friends, roommates and others who aren’t necessarily in love but think that they will be good friends for a long time and want to commemorate each Christmas with a new ornament.

Parents of a Recently Wedded Husband and Wife.

One thing that numerous newlyweds don't remember are their moms and dads and their parents Xmas trees. When you are first married, there is a good chance that you will have to choose whose parents you will have to visit each Xmas. To help make it easier for your parents that 1st Xmas if you are going to your partners house, why not buy them an our first Christmas customized tree ornament so that they have a bit of you there with them and will still know that you love them just as much.

There are a lot of 1st Xmases and tons of fantastic ways to display them on a customized first Xmas ornament from Place your order now so that you do not forget later and also so that you are able to plan how you can surprise your loved ones or best friends with your own personalized first Christmas ornaments from

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Charles Tyrwhitt Scam


I know I haven't blogged in while but things have been really busy and I've been trying to reduce the time I spend working (aren't we all).

However there has been a development I have to share with the affiliate community.

For a long time now Charles Tyrwhitt, the mens clothing store known for their top quality shirts, has been a great program to join on Linkshare. I've supported them for years, listed them on Global Affiliate Programs and even set up a page to show how you can add a Charles Tyrwhitt shopfront to your site.

Charles Tyrwhitt have just de-activated my membership of the program on the grounds that I violated their PPC rules.

The rules state "No affiliate is permitted to bid on Charles Tyrwhitt brand terms, trademarks and misspellings." which is fair enough. If Charles Tyrwhitt are running PPC ads on search engines like Google they do not want to compete with their own affiliates.

The thing is, I don't run PPC campaigns, at all, for any program and having pointed this out to them.

Here's the thing. My Shopfront demo page had made a few sales and Charles Tyrwhitt clearly don't want to pay up even though the amounts are small.

Here's my advice to any serious affiliate - avoid this program, they will rip you off.

Now I should make it clear that Linkshare, who manage the program, are NOT to blame. They are merely acting for their clients. It is Charles Tyrwhitt, while excellent at making shirts who are messing up potential relationships with affiliates.

There are honest programs out there. This is one to avoid.

See you soon


Friday, 5 March 2010

Hot trends, strategies, and selling ideas for 2010

The Internet is constantly evolving -- almost daily, it seems --
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But they didn't stop there! For 2010, they ALSO added a number of
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