Saturday, 25 April 2009

Good News and Bad news

Hi again, it's been a while since I posted on here and I'm sorry about that.

First the Bad News.

I've been running Sleep Easy Loans as a meta-Search Engine for the last 5 years or so. I noticed the other day that some of the shtml and php files had been hacked and some code added. I had this happen before with Global Affiliate Programs and I fixed it by uploading my backup copies so I tried the same thing with Sleep Easy Loans and the search function has been seriously messed up, also the style sheets aren't working. I've tried fixing it with everything I know but no luck. So now I have a search engine that can't search, so that's no use.

The hosting for it is due to be renewed at the end of this month and I don't think I'll bother. Any one want to buy a PR2 loans domain?

Now the Good News.

Firstly, I've added a new section to Global Affiliate Programs. The new section is for programs related to Legal and Tax Forms and Services. The idea came from Allen Freeman of

On the form that program managers use to submit their programs to the Global Affiliate Programs directory is a question which asks which section or sections they think their program belongs in. The thinking is simple; I don't assume to more about somebody else's business than they do. Mostly this bit gets missed out and I have to work out what someone is selling from what they tell me which is not always as easy as it sounds; some program managers suggest one or two of the existing categories but Allen to his credit suggested that I add a new Legal category. I've added in the Tax element and expanded it to include services as well as forms to make the page sustainable and searchable and that's how I got the new section.

The other good news.

The world markets are in crisis; we're all going to be poor; and governments are buying out banks as if they were at a fire sale. Therefore it's a great time to start a Foreign Exchange Trading Business. No, I'm not mad. Listen to this.

Etoro Foreign Exchange Trading provide an easy to use web based platform that enables people to conduct foreign currency exchange from home through their PCs and laptops. They run an affiliate program to draw in business and they've been on Global Affiliate Programs since last year. They contacted me this month to find out how I would like to be paid. That's always a question I like to hear.

It turns out that as well as referring affiliates I had referred a few clients their way and upshot was they owe over $3,000. That's nice as I have a couple of unpaid bills that would be just about covered by that with maybe a little left over. The people I had referred to them had made far more; that $3K was only the affiliate commission.

During our conversation Etoro asked if I had an ideas on how I could promote them further. When I suggested white label sites they told me the already did that. They must have added it after I joined their affiliate program as I'm sure I would have noticed that, but better late tha never I have now added the Etoro Forex Trading White Label Site to Global Affiliate Programs. You can find it here .

Ok, you're think, very interesting, good for you, don't gloat you've had a little windfall, what's that to do with me. Well, since Etoro contacted me I've been looking into it in a bit more detail. The first thing is Etoro is not a scam. It works so well you might think it is one but it is not. It works like an online casino; you put money in, you move it between currencies based on their respectives value and trends, which are all available to you on the Etoro screen. If you trade profitably and sensibly you can make money, a lot of money. It's just like with poker - don't stake more than you can afford to lose, keep counting the whole time and don't do it drunk.

With the markets all over the place at the moment there is a lot of movement in the currency markets and it is that movement that gives you the chance to profit. It's all about timing. Go to the white Label site, suign up and use the 'Play' option so that you get some practice before you trade for real if you've never done it before.

Good luck.